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My musical journey:

From a young age on I played the piano at home and even got lessons. However, most of the time I liked improvising and strumming far more than practicing Bach or Chopin. When I was 10 I started taking additional drumming lessons. Henceforth, I made a lot of noise in my childhood home.

As my transition to secondary school grew closer I applied for a "Musikgymnasium" (a secondary school with a focus on music) in  Montabaur.  I passed the admission exam and got accepted. My new main instrument was the bassoon. For a lack of time I focused mainly on my new instrument, the piano moved into the background and I stopped playing the drums altogether.

As a consequence of performance pressure and tension, playing the piano, and ultimately also playing the bassoon, stopped being fun. I therefore switched schools after 10th grade and continued my studies at a regular Gymnasium.

I stopped playing music for a few years until I discovered electrical music and various editing programs.

As I moved away from home and started my new life in Cologne I was able to leave a lot of negative feelings and distance myself from the pressure that was accompanied by music.

In Cologne, I joined a singing group and found my voice in weekly meetings. I visited concerts and after a five-year break I even rediscovered the piano. My grandmother lent me her instrument.

I was able to create beautiful melodies and put my heart and soul into it. I experienced myself and music from a whole new perspective and I composed various pieces. After searching for something so long, I finally found a way to express my feelings and transform my experiences.

In December 2016 I discovered the hand pan. At a concert I met a musician who played relaxing melodies, accompanied by the guitar and singing. My eyes were shining, and I was fascinated by this metallic ufo-like device. After some research I decided to purchase my first hand pan in the Netherlands.

From this day on my life changed. I started busking and presenting my progress to a larger audience. In 2018, I played at festivals for the first time and started giving concerts. I was booked for events and was henceforward able to support myself financially through music.

I am grateful every day to be gifted with the possibility to do what I love for a living.

My name "L'Oiseau" was created in 2017 after having numerous dreams about birds and the freedom that is linked to them. I chose the French word because I have traveled to France every year and to this day my there gained experiences influences me. Also, to me "L'Oiseau" sounds like the imagery of a wave, leaving open wide scope for creativity and lovely new songs.